Family Law Mediation Services in Milpitas

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Do you know why ? Because you should.

There are only two ways you can a final judgement in your case. One – By Settlement or Second – by trial.

Guess what ? Almost 98% family law cases don’t go for the trial. They get settled.

Here are other advantages to use Family Law Mediation Services.

Compared to traditional litigation, settling a divorce or family law dispute through mediation is:

  • Cost Effective – Just to let you get a sense of cost. A trial will double up the total cost of Litigation.
  • Flexible – Mediation can address one or more issues in dispute and can take place before and/or after a petition is filed with the court.
  • Private – Mediation is conducted outside of court and off the record.
  • Non-Adversarial – Both sides work cooperatively to determine the best result for everyone.
  • Self-Directed – You maintain control of the process (not the court) and create your own solutions.
  • Neutral – Your mediator is an experienced unbiased professional focused on facilitating a mutually agreeable resolution.
  • Healthy – Mediation promotes better communication, stronger relationships and improved parenting.
  • Durable – Privately mediated agreements allow the parties to take ownership of the outcome thereby resulting in greater long-term satisfaction.

Family Law Mediation Services

Trusted And Resourceful Mediation Professionals

Mediation is a powerful tool that allows you to maintain control over the process and the outcome of your divorce or other family law dispute. We offer flexible scheduling for meditations to accommodate parties with urgent needs.

Our family law mediators have a holistic knowledge of family conflicts and a deep understanding of the legal, financial and emotional elements of divorce. Their extensive experience allows them to mediate cases that involve complex legal and financial issues.

How do we do it ?

How Does Family Law Mediation Work?

Mediation enables parties to represent their individual interests while working toward a place of compromise. In this environment, each party occupies a private meeting space with his or her attorney. Both parties have the benefit of confidential discussions with their lawyers and any other professionals they wish to have present or consult with. The mediator is a neutral facilitator of negotiations, who engages in “shuttle diplomacy” by moving between rooms to guide the parties toward a workable settlement using creative and sensible solutions. The goal of mediation is to reach a mutually beneficial settlement which is reduced to writing and may be presented to court in lieu of trial.

Mediation can take place at any stage in the litigation process (or prior to the litigation process) and any number of disputed issues can be addressed and resolved. It is common for parties to address a significant issue, such as temporary orders or a final parenting plan, in a stand-alone session and return at a later date to address the remaining issues. The entire process is collaborative and nothing is decided without consensus from both parties. Mediation is a safe and confidential atmosphere, in which nothing discussed can be used in court.

Types Of Disputes

Our mediators can guide you in reconciling family law disputes pertaining to:

  • Divorce and legal separation
  • Temporary orders
  • Child custody and child support
  • Property division and allocation of assets and debts
  • Spousal maintenance payments and duration
  • Relocation and parenting plan modifications
  • Post-dissolution disputes, including final orders, modifications and support

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